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Timed now available on App Store

My first app, Timed, is now available to download on App Store for a limited time price of $0.99.

Timed app running on iPhone 12

Timed is an interval-based workout timer app for iPhone and Apple Watch.

The app lets you focus on what matters to you during a workout by hiding all distractions like buttons and controls. One tap anywhere reveals the buttons. Tap again anywhere to hide them.

Free Workout

You can do a free workout where you set workout duration and rest duration manually as you workout.

Saved Sessions

You can create and save sessions where you predefine the workout duration, rest duration, and sets. You can have different exercises in one session. The app will display the exercise name, and the current set along with the timer.

Companion Apple Watch app

When working out, the workout information like timer, current set, and exercise name for a session workout can be seen on Apple Watch along with readings like active calories, total calories, and heart rate.

Timed companion Apple Watch app

Other features:

  • Pinned Sessions
  • Dark Mode
  • iCloud sync between devices
  • 5 Alternate Icons
  • Widgets (requires iOS 14 and above)
  • Siri Shortcuts and Siri Suggestions
  • Works with Apple Health (for Apple Watch users)
  • Works with Apple Music (requires Apple Music subscription)

If you have any questions, please email support@usetimed.com

You can download the app from App Store.

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