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Updating my SwiftUI app for Xcode 11 Beta 4

Yesterday, I update my SwiftUI app for 4th beta release Xcode 11. I thought Beta 4 will fix a lot of bugs. But to my disappointment, Xcode 11 Beta 4 took one step backwards.

Code changed

.color has been depreciated.

You need to use .foregroundColor() instead.

Both .presentation and PresentationLink have been depreciated.

Now you need create a @State boolean variable, Button which set that boolean to true as action, and .sheet(isPresented:)

@State var isShown: Bool = false
var body: some View {
    Button(action: { self.isShown = true }) {
        Text(“Tap me”)
    .sheet(isPresented: $isShown) {
        Text(“Destination View”)


BindaleObject now needs a willChange instead of didChange. Now the views are notified before the change is happened.

.identifiedBy() is depreciated.

ForEach(data.identifiedBy(\.self)) has been changed to ForEach(data, id: \.self). Same for List.

Known Issues

  • NavigationLink nested inside a ScrollView which is inside a List doesn't navigates to the destination.
  • For some reason, my app fails to find some images in the bundle.

Workround: Image(uiImage: UIImage(named: imageName)!) works

  • Text inside ScrollView doesn't extends to multiple lines even after setting .lineLimit(nil)
  • NavigationBar has a transparent background.
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