Rahul Sharma


Hi, I am Rahul! I am an iOS Developer, and I love SwiftUI!

I am currently looking for SwiftUI related internships.



Swift Student Challenge 2021

In June 2021, I won Apple WWDC21 Swift Student Challenge. For this challenge, I made a game using SpriteKit, that creates awareness towards minimizing marine pollution. You can check out the demo of that game on YouTube.

App Store Feature

In June 2021, Apple featured my app, Timed, on App Store in section "New Apps, Features, and Content" in Germany, France, and a few other countries.



Timed is interval based workout timer app. It is available to download on App Store.


Credited is an income tracker app for iPhone. It groups data according to financial year and has features like charts, etc. It is available to download on App Store


Hydrated is a water tracking app with goals and notification reminders. It has very simple and easy to use interface. It is available to download on App Store


ASETimer is a countdown app for Apple Events. It is built using SwiftUI. It is open source, and is available on GitHub.